About Terry G Roussel

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I’m at least a 4th generation U.S. citizen of Western European decent. I’m a student of the geopolitical interactions between nations. I’ve had extensive international travel both for business and with my family for fun. One of my sons and his family currently live in Europe.

In 1996, the company I owned became a joint venture partner with a newly formed division of Citibank in New York City. My company, which was in the commercial real estate investment business, was the first real estate company in the United States selected by Citibank to help them launch their new international private banking real estate division. In the process, I helped Citibank to successfully launch their new division where I invested the money from some of Citibank’s wealthiest offshore clients into U.S. commercial real estate. This proved to be a successful seven year joint venture for Citibank, their wealthy offshore clients and myself.

My wife and I took a vacation to China in 1983. This was before China’s current day prosperity emerged to the extent it is today. Many of the Chinese people were wearing their Mao clothing at that time. I took one semester of Chinese in college. I took Chinese because for some reason, while in college, I thought China would soon be the worlds dominant economic power. I was on a business trip to Japan and brought my wife along so that we could visit Japan plus China. At that time, Japan’s economy was going strong and China’s was just beginning to emerge. Two beautiful countries and amazing cultures.

I’ve traveled on business trips to Asia, Europe and Israel. I’ve had business people from predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East visit my offices in Orange County, California.

I’m a citizen of the U.S. and I recognize the importance of national sovereignty, particularly militarily, while also understanding how to work collaboratively within a globally interconnected economy.

My way of explaining the nationalist / globalist issue is that it’s like living in your home. You have neighbors. At times, some of your neighbors may need financial help and are able to help you do work around your home on favorable terms. Both benefit. If down the road your own home begins to deteriorate while the neighbor you were helping begins adding a new second story on their home, at that point in time, it may be time to reconsider the financial relationship. The American people’s home is now in need of repair and this requires us to reconsider how we spend our money. Our neighbors are doing fine. we helped them to become prosperous.

For additional information about Terry G Roussel, please see: https://terryroussel.com