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Last updated March 28, 2021


U.S. National Priorities is a platform for returning God’s blessings to all people in the United States by embracing Jesus Christ.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents coming together to discuss and strategize how to work collaboratively and more effectively through our Nations two political parties in order to identify and accomplish the most critical issues facing America.

Below are the top priorities of the American people based on those polled by The PEW Research Center, including the percentage of people polled who identified the priority.

Economy 70%

Healthcare costs 69%

Education 68%

Terrorism 67%

Social security 67%

Medicare 67%

Poor and needy 60%

Environment 56%

Immigration 51%

Jobs 50%

Reducing crime 50%

Drug addiction 49%

Budget deficit 48%

Race relations 46%

Military 45%

Transportation 45%

Climate change 44%

Global trade 39%

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Terry G Roussel, Organizer